ADYOR either you’re visited Oklahoma he thought it would be a nice little place to settle down but little did he know that the graph Squad had nothing else to do they literally had no other crime so when the big bad gang member from LA California went to a small town in Delaware County Oklahoma and decided to do a couple tags Delaware County freaked out and labeled a d or as a fugitive isn’t that crazy a graffiti Fugitive that’s crazy they said he had damages that that went around $10,000 well that’s that’s weird because I think he only hit four walls and the side of a little boat and it look like to me they had gotten all the graffiti move within one day I’m not sure if that’s a $10,000 cleanup if you can get it all gone in one day what are you do you just paint over the businesses that have the walls white you paint over them white then you get a degreaser for the boat put that on the tags and wipe it off doesn’t sound like a $10,000 fine because from what I’ve heard a couple lawyers who have heard this case are saying that Grove in Oklahoma of Delaware Delaware County has no right to call out of your a fugitive

ADyorSraight Tag.jpg

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